Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wholesale Vinyl Banners – Your Affordable Advertising Option

Many a time’s marketers and brand builders look for large numbers of the same banners for high impact promotions. Wholesale vinyl banners make the perfect choice for these discerning needs. Modern technology affords wide format printing up to 5 meters in width on rolls of vinyl. The advantage of this process is that your sign company can produce very large batches of the same banner in very little time. Each banner produced through this process is invariably of the same quality and inkjet printing employed in this process delivers the finest quality every time. In addition to the speed and size, wholesale vinyl banners can also be produced with high resolution printing going right up to 1400 dpi.

Wholesale Vinyl Banners to Take Competition Head On

Wholesale Vinyl BannersSurviving competition is never an easy task and every tool that is available should be explored by marketers and brand builders to retain and improve their position in the markets. Wholesale vinyl banners constitute the most cost effective measure to address this abject need.  By identifying a competent sign shop you can get the wholesale vinyl banners designed and produced in very little time – often in a matter of days and get them installed at vantage points in less than a week. Unlike your advertisements through the electronic media, your advertisements do not disappear in seconds and will be there as long as you wish. With the wholesale vinyl banners, you enjoy all the benefits with a one time investment. What is more, you can conveniently reuse or shift these banners from one trade show to another with great ease.

Let the Professionals Assist You with Designing Wholesale Vinyl Banners

Most of the reputed sign companies offer assistance with designing your wholesale vinyl banners and the rich experience that the professionals bring to the table is important for the success of your campaign. Some of them may even have handled a similar campaign for your competitors and therefore know precisely what you are looking for. Therefore, you can save precious time conceptualizing the wholesale vinyl banners for your campaign.

Wholesale Vinyl Banners are Ideally Suited for Larger Campaigns

The wide format printing is very helpful in producing wholesale vinyl banners for larger campaigns. You have the ability to choose from a wide array of substrates and thicknesses going right up to 3”. The “white ink” system is another useful measure that helps printing on various materials such as acrylic, wood, tiles, aluminum, etc where you normally have a substrate other than white. Combining these advantages, your sign shop can deliver wholesale vinyl banners with focused attention on the finer details to bring out the full potential of vinyl banners to ensure that your campaign generates maximum views and the best conversion possible.

Wholesale Vinyl Banners for Retailers

Another segment that can benefit from the wholesale vinyl banners is the retailers. With a large numbers of banners for routine deployment including “Opening shortly”, “Welcome” “Discount Sale” and so on, retailers can order batches of these banners that can be retailed to customers looking for smaller numbers.

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